Evil Corp.

  We, at Evil Corp, have been working for 666 generations to frighten human villages. When it comes to scaring, we’re the best! Every year, we hold a team seminar where each of our managers is tasked with recruiting a team of monsters and competing against their colleagues to prove they’re the best at terrorizing humans. Will you have the most terrifying team of the year?   How to Play? In Evil Corp., the first player (or team, when you play 2vs2) to take control of its 2nd village will be declared the new CEO of the Company, and therefore,

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Outlive – Complete Edition

WARNING : this content is only available in French. If you want to check the Outlive or Outlive – Underwater content, you can follow these links : Outlive Outlive Underwater   2079 : Après une Guerre Nucléaire qui a tout dévasté, 4 clans de Survivants se terrent dans leur Abri souterrain. Leur seul espoir vient du «Convoi», une organisation qui recherche les Survivants les plus dignes d’intégrer les cités subaquatiques secrètes… où les places sont limitées.   Après des années d’absence, Outlive revient en boutique dans cette nouvelle édition complète. Retrouvez tout le contenu original de Outlive, ainsi que celui

From the Moon

Live on Kickstarter: Launched March 7th 2023, 8pm UTC+1, will end on March 23rd 2023, 11:59pm UTC+1 [In order no to miss anything about the project, you can pre-register here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/laboitedejeu/from-the-moon]   Humanity is facing its last moments on Earth: the planet will soon become unliveable. In order to survive, it will be necessary to move to new places of our solar system. But to manage such a mission, huge space shuttles will be needed. But the atmosphere and the earth’s gravity would prevent any take-off such as those ones. The corporations then decide to move all the production of

Malhya – Lands of Legends

KICKSTARTER PAGE Malhya – lands of legends, is an adventure game that simulates a RPG campaign. You play as the “Awakens”, a group of heroes with incredible abilities, combat skills and talents. Masters of the Aura, source of all magic, you’ll try to fight the evil forces that lurk in the shadows, putting all of Malhya in danger. During your travels, you’ll be the master of your destiny, and everyone of your choices will alter your journey. But be aware of the consequences as you’ll have to face them as your quest goes on. Will you succeed, or fail in

It’s a Wonderful World

In It’s a Wonderful World, you lead an expanding Empire and must choose your path to your future. You must develop faster and better than your competitors. You’ll carefully plan your expansion to develop your production power and rule over this new world. How to play? On each of the 4 rounds you will draft 7 cards to develop your Empire. Once you have your full hand of 7 cards, you decide which ones to trash for an immediate resource gain and which ones to place in your construction area. The cards you build will improve the production engine of


  Create the best animal sanctuary. Try to build harmony between species and biomes, even if this means sacrificing parts of your sanctuary by covering them with new ones, always more beautiful…   How to play? The goal of Nimalia is to conceive the best Animal Sanctuary along 5 rounds. Each and every turn, players will have to select the animal territories they are going to place, by drafting them (picking a card among their hand of 3 cards, and passing along the rest of them). Each card they place will have to cover a part of their existing animal