Malhya – Lands of Legends

Malhya – lands of legends, is an adventure game that simulates a RPG campaign.
You play as the “Awakens”, a group of heroes with incredible abilities, combat skills and talents. Masters of the Aura, source of all magic, you’ll try to fight the evil forces that lurk in the shadows, putting all of Malhya in danger. During your travels, you’ll be the master of your destiny, and everyone of your choices will alter your journey.
But be aware of the consequences as you’ll have to face them as your quest goes on. Will you succeed, or fail in the trials that await ?

How to Play?

Malhya is a 1 to 5 players cooperative and narrative game.
You will play 9 chapters of a narrative campaign spreading over more than 100 hours.

You’ll go through your adventures, switching between different parts of the game:
Travel all over the planet of Malhya during the Land Crawling and Exploration phase.
Sneak quietly during Infiltration, or Fight your opponents. Also try to resolve riddles and escape traps in the Dungeon Crawling phase.

All of this will be ruled by a pleasant branched narration system.
Also note that in this game, failure is not the end, it’s only anoher path you might follow. You’ll never have to start all over again.

The game also have «one-shot chapters» that will allow you to extend the gaming time, or just have shorter adventures during friends night.

Demo Version is available on Table Top Simulator (see at the bottom of this page)





  • From 1 to 5 players
  • 14 years old and older
  • 90+ (game sessions duration can vary)
  • Designer : 4 Univers (François Denis, Nicolas Fuchs, Ludovic Rivoal, Cyril Terpent)
  • Artists : Cyril Terpent, Vincent Boyer, Lucas Taillefesse
  • Publisher : La boite de jeu
  • Distributor : Blackrock (FR)
  • Available on Kickstarter on March 15th 2022, Release July 2023
  • MSRP : 150€





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Download Malhya – Lands of Legends PressKit


English Rulebook (Work in Progress)
French Rulebook (Work in Progress)

TableTop Simulator

You have to possess the TableTop simulator software: Download TTS
Download the Malhya Mod: Download the mod
The tutorial to learn how to use this mod is here: Tutorial

Kickstarter Page

Kickstarter Campaign’s Landing Page