It’s a Wonderful Kingdom




In It’s a Wonderful Kingdom, you’ll play as a Duchy looking for power. The empty throne of the former Monarch calls for a legitimate heir. Fight for your place at the head of the Kingdom. You’ll have to choose the path of your future to enhance and grow faster and bigger than your opponent. Expand the production of your Duchy, trap your opponent, and access to the throne of this Wonderful Kingdom.

How to play?

During each turn, your opponent and you are going to place cards in 2 different selection zones. Some of them are going to be played face down. One after the other, you’re going to pick the cards from one of this zone, but be careful about negative cards that can slow you down or make you loose victory points.
Once the selection phase is over, you’ll have to choose between discarding some cards to collect their ressources immediately, or keep some to try and build them to develop your Duchy, enhance its production, and earn Victory points.

At the end of the 4th turn, the player having the most victory points wins the game.

Several Modules (Menace, Advisors, Quest, Conquest) allow you to slightly change the rules to diversify the game experience with more or less interactions, for always more gameplay possibilities.


  • 1 or 2 players
  • 14 years old and more
  • Around 45 minutes
  • Designer : Frédéric Guérard
  • Illustrator : Anthony Wolff
  • Publishers : La boite de jeu and Origames
  • Distributor : Blackrock (FR)
  • Availability : Kickstarter April 20th, Release January 2022
  • MSRP (base game) : 32€






Press Kit

Download the Press Kit for It’s a Wonderful Kingdom



  • In Solo mode, you can perform a Search everytime you have selected an Offering (not just once per round).
  • When you play with the Quest module, you don’t have to transmute the cubes from your Alchemy area into Krystallium. You can keep them instead and use them to pay the costs of the Steps of the Quest.
  • If you are not sure which component is which, here is the list of the components with pictures.
  • Regarding the Advisor card “Tyrannical  Foreman”, you have to choose ONE type of basic resource each time you activate the card, and place only cubes of this color on your cards under construction.

FAQ Legends

  • The resources that Syphons produce count toward supremacy.
  • Unlike what you can read in one of the explanation examples of the Additional Rules, the Menace Card “Black Dragon Egg” grants you 10 Victory Points (not 9) if you manage to gather 2 of them.
  • If the Black Dragon matriarch or patriarch were not able to make you discard a Soldier token during the Planning phase (because you did not have any), and if you get a new Soldier token during the Production phase, you must discard this token.
  • If you play with the Senada duchy, place this token on the Production board to replace the symbol of your duchy (it is just visual, it doesn’t change anything in the game).
  • The Captive Dragon and The Ancestral Treasure quests: This is how the Spy token works: During the Choice phase, you can use this token to peek at a face-down card. If you do, flip this token to its Used side; it will become available again for the next round.