From the Moon

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Launched March 7th 2023, 8pm UTC+1, will end on March 23rd 2023, 11:59pm UTC+1

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Humanity is facing its last moments on Earth: the planet will soon become unliveable.
In order to survive, it will be necessary to move to new places of our solar system.
But to manage such a mission, huge space shuttles will be needed. But the atmosphere and the earth’s gravity would prevent any take-off such as those ones.
The corporations then decide to move all the production of these missions, so that the ships can be sent… From the Moon!

How to play?

In this game, you will play as a large corporation who is determined to do their best in these life-saving space missions. The more you take part in the conception of a ship, the more influence you will have in the new world where its population will settle.

During each turn, you can perform one action:
– Recruit or improved astronauts
– Build and develop the lunar base
– Carry out scientific research
– Produce food
– Collect resources (water, polymer or metal)
– Contribute to one of the space missions

With a worker placement mechanic, you will have decisive choices to make during every turn you play. The choices of your opponents will really influence your possibilities.
You’ll be able to customize your rover crews with different astronauts that you can also upgrade. This will vary the capacities of your rovers and will have a direct impact on your strategy.

From the Moon will be a very intense Expert game, condensed into around 90 minutes during which each choice will count for your development and your strategy.
You will have to participate better and/or more in the preparation of space missions than your competitors.

Time is running out, and Humanity is counting on you!
Will you be able to face such a challenge?





  • From 1 to 4 players
  • 14 years old and older
  • around 30 minutes per player
  • Designers : Johannes Goupy et Gilles Lasfargues
  • Artist : Miguel Coimbra
  • Available : beginning of 2024




  • 1 Rules booklet
  • 18 Mission tiles
  • 3 Launch tiles
  • 1 bag
  • 1 main board
  • 16 Terrain tiles
  • 3 Mission boards
  • 40 Polymer Resource cubes (black)
  • 40 Food Resource cubes (green)
  • 40 Steel Resource cubes (gray)
  • 40 Water Resource cubes (blue)
  • 16 Achievement tokens
  • 16 5x Achievement tokens
  • 8 large Building tiles
  • 24 Greenhouse tiles
  • 24 Foundation tiles
  • 54 Laboratory tiles
  • 1 First Player token
  • 3 Specialist Power tokens
  • 10 Progress tiles
  • 8 Faction cards
  • 8 large Faction Building tiles


For Each Player

  • 1 Player board
  • 9 Battery tokens
  • 8 Building miniatures
  • 13 small Building tiles
  • 1 Energy pawn
  • 3 Rover miniatures
  • 4 Steel Astronaut miniatures
  • 4 Water Astronaut miniatures
  • 4 Polymer Astronaut miniatures
  • 9 Specialist markers
  • 6 Improvement cubes
  • 2 Player pawns
  • 1 +50 (front) / +100 (back) token
  • 1 +150 (front) / +200 (back) token


Solo Mode

  • 9 Rover Location cards
  • 16 Building Zone cards
  • 9 Objective cards



Storage map 1
Storage map 2

Glossary icons
Glossary Building tiles
Glossary Progress tiles
Glossary Laboratory tiles
Glossaire Mission tiles
Glossary Terrain tiles
Identification/clarification: Surcharge
Printer-friendly file, containing all the previous glossaries


  • Is it possible to have an empty Rover?

Rovers always need someone to pilot them. It is therefore impossible to perform any action that would result in a rover being empty of any astronaut.


  • What does “Sacrifice a building” mean? [See Mission Tiles Glossary]

If a cost asks you to sacrifice a building, you simply discard one of your small, already-built building tiles. You simply remove it from your income zone, and discard it from the game. You do not discard a building already placed on the central board.


  • What does “Sacrifice a specialized astronaut” mean? [See Mission Tiles Glossary]

If a cost asks you to sacrifice a specialist astronaut, you must remove a specialist astronaut (the astronaut AND the specialist token) from one of your rovers (note: the rover cannot be empty), and remove it from the game (the astronaut and specialist token do not return to your player board, they are stored in the box).


  • What does “Sacrifice a Laboratory” mean? [See Mission Tiles Glossary]

If a cost asks you to sacrifice a Laboratory, you must remove a built Laboratory from your player board and remove it from the game.


  • Can I recruit a 10th astronaut/acquire an additional greenhouse when the dedicated area of my player board is already full?

No. You can never take what you can’t place.


  • If a Terrain / Laboratory tile asks me to pay energy to obtain an effect, do I also have to pay the normal cost of that effect (Greenhouse, Astronaut, Laboratory, etc.)?

No. This action grants you the right to obtain the effect in question for an alternative cost (in energy). This cost replaces the normal cost of this effect (Greenhouse, Astronaut, Laboratory, etc.), so there’s no need to pay for this usual cost. Note, however, that the alternative cost only replaces the basic cost of the effect, so you may still have to pay any extra costs (Laboratory high in the column, Greenhouse from Earth, Extra cost of tile on thin white lines corner, etc.).


  • What are additional costs, and how do I recognize them?

Additional costs are an additional amount of ressources (often energy) necessary to acquire certain elements/effects. Often, these effects are a little more powerful, which is why they cost more. In the case of greenhouses: if there are none available on the Moon, they have to be brought in from Earth, which is an action that will take a lot of energy: so there’s an extra cost.

Additional costs are indicated with a small “+” near the actions that require them (on the boards) or on the tiles, in a corner of the tile above a white background (thin white parallel lines) [See Mission Tiles Glossary].


  • When I spend resources, do they go back into the Bag?

No. Spent resources go into the general reserve (accessible to all players).


  • Can I modify the distribution of my astronauts among my rovers?

No. Once an astronaut is inside a rover, they can’t move anymore (unless you sacrifice them)


  • If I sacrifice/discard one of my greenhouses, can I rebuild a greenhouse on the space made available this way? If so, if I cover an icon, will I earn the corresponding bonus?

Yes. A new greenhouse can be built on the first available greenhouse space on your player board. Each time you cover an icon, you gain the corresponding reward.