Hello everyone,

The time has come to announce a bunch of good news!

First of all, we received the last miniatures HD samples and we approved everything. The molds production (about 50 days), then the plastic drafts production of the whole game can start. That means we’re entering the home straight: the manufacturing of the game.

*Other pictures at the end of the news

Second, for an optimal understanding of the rules, we rewrote the full rule-book, campaign book and SG rules. The French draft is almost done and we’ll send it for translation this month. Learning from our previous campaigns, we hired a professional literary American translator to grant you a nice translation (we didn’t have this quality on Outlive). We’ll post the final draft as soon as we’ll get it, and wait for your possible feedback before sending it to the printer.

Third, we’re hopeful we’ll have every file ready for production around mid-May. We’re on schedule for a delivery between September and October. That’s still a 2 to 3 months delay compared to our initial planning. We’re very sorry for that, it’s always hard to precisely anticipate every bump on the road on such a big project with so many subcontractors.

Last, every game will be produced on a bilingual basis (French / English). We opted for this solution to get a smoother production and for the retail market. You will have every booklet in double, one for each language. The only thing we had to remove from the cards was the weapons names so as to get a text less version fitting the two languages.

The LBDJ Ambassadors program

I know you are all waiting for your game and so are we! But let me briefly talk about our next project: Neta-Tanka.

That’s a worker-placement game from Hervé Rigal (Shakespeare) that will be on Kickstarter once the production of Clash of Rage will have started (May-June). That will be our fourth Kickstarter campaign and we planned many surprises for you 🙂

But I’m not here to plug this project; I just want to inform you that, from now on, we’ll set an ambassador program up. Other publishers already did this and instead of telling you “our games are good” (even if we now they are ^^), we want to let the players and backers decide for themselves. We’ll manufacture tens of prototypes and send them to some volunteers that want to give their feedback on the game.

How does it work?

The deal is simple :

  • If you liked the game, you’ll have to post reviews on BGG and the forums/social networks of your country and make some pictures to help the game and the KS campaign.
  • If you didn’t like the game, no big deal, it may happen, we only ask you not to discredit the game in everybody’s eyes (our salaries are at stake after all ^^). You’ll send us an email with your feedback and it will definitely help the project. But obviously you don’t have to talk good about the game if you don’t believe in it.

The only rule is: be fair and honest with the gamers and backers community.

What does it mean to be an ambassador?

There are some prerequisites:

  • Being proficient in English (written)
  • Regularly posting on BGG and being able to talk about Neta-Tanka.
  • Being able to organize many games in your country (with the players’ community, stores, conventions, associations…).
  • Sending us a small report of all the things you did for the game and how it went.

What do you get in return?

  • First, you’ll get a prototype of the game to play before anybody.
  • Secondly, you will be on the list of ambassadors for our next campaigns. (Daimyo in 2019, etc…)
  • Finally, you will receive a full pledge for the KS campaign from which you have been an ambassador.

How to become an Ambassador?

Follow this link and complete the survey: https://goo.gl/forms/Jg5bYuj0szxvIwVw2

We will choose among the answers some people. Here is a first list of the countries aimed for our ambassador program and the number of posts per country:


  • Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore: 3 or 4 (spread among different countries)
  • Australia: 1

North America

  • USA: 3 or 4
  • Canada: 1 or 2


  • Germany: 2
  • UK: 1
  • Spain: 1
  • France: 3
  • Italia: 1
  • Nederland: 1
  • Belgium: 1

A total of (maximum) 20 ambassadors to whom we’ll send a prototype (not definitive products) 15 days before the start of the campaign at the minimum. We’re counting on you!

Thank you everybody,

Benoit and the whole team of La boite de jeu.

#11 After the Battle – We are looking for Ambassadors