Hello everyone,

February is, for us french people, the month of the biggest game convention in France: Le Festival International des jeux de Cannes. Consequently we’re currently less available. Nevertheless, the project is going well and we’re in compliance with our new planning.

But February is also the month we received the first draft of the definitive plastic miniatures of Clash of Rage’s base box!


We’re very pleased with the results. The minis are really great.

Let me show you some pictures, but please be aware that we don’t have any photography studio, that it’s really difficult to have a good picture render on small miniatures and that I’m definitely not a good photographer.

As we received the miniatures just in time, the game will be on demo with the real miniatures during the Cannes game convention! Come see it and play with us!

See you next month, we should have the masters of the remaining miniatures (SG + Add-ons).

Clash of Rage News #9 – After the battle