How does the online shop work?

Hi everyone!

Here is a simple tutorial for using our online shop.

1/ First, over the “Shop” menu with your mouse, then click on the “Shop” link.

online-shop-tutorial-012 / You can choose to display English or French products by clicking on the green buttons “Products EN” or “Products FR”.

3/ You can Add the product you want to your cart by clicking on the blue button “Add to Cart”. Because we have a very few units and we want a maximum of players to be able to order, you can only purchase each item once per order.

online-shop-tutorial-024/ When you’ve added all the items you whish to order, click on the green button “Shopping Cart”

online-shop-tutorial-035/ You can remove items from your cart by clicking on the red cross in the row of the said product. If you are happy with your cart, click on the “Create an account” link.

online-shop-tutorial-046 / Fill the required fields and click “Register”

online-shop-tutorial-057 / You account has been created! Now log in, using the username/email and password you just registered and click on the blue “Log in” button.

online-shop-tutorial-068/ (Optional) You can fill the fields to save your personnal information. By doing this, the fields for your next orders will be pre-filled. Don’t forget to click on the blue “Update profile” button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

9/ Go back to your cart by clicking on the green “Shopping Cart” button.

online-shop-tutorial-0710 / Check that your cart does include all the items you want to purchase. Click on the green “Process to checkout” Fill/Update your personal information on the left. Be extra careful when choosing your country on the drop-list. We are sorry to announce that we are only able to ship to several countries of Europe, to Canada and USA.

12/ (Optional) If you wish to be delivered to a different address, you can fill this part of the form.

13/ Don’t forget to check the box to accept our terms and conditions.

14/ If you chose to receive your parcel outside of the European Union, be aware that you will have to pay custom fees.

15/ Click on the blue “Proceed to Confirmation” button to go to the next step.

online-shop-tutorial-0916/ Have a final check that your order is correct (items, address…)

17/ Click on the blue “Proceed to Checkout” button.

online-shop-tutorial-1018/ Click on the blue “Pay with card” button. You don’t have to create a Stripe account, you can directly use your credit card. You can’t pay with PayPal for the transaction.

online-shop-tutorial-1119/ Fill the required fields, and then click on the blue “Pay” button to finalize your order.

online-shop-tutorial-1220/ You are done! You can download your invoice by going to you “My orders” page.


How does the online shop work?